Monetize your community with your AI clone

SecondSoul is a platform that allows you to generate your AI version and offer 24/7 conversations on Telegram

Why SecondSoul

Make Money

A new channel for your audience to support you and what you do

Zero Work

We will create and update your Persona. Zero work for you


Grow new audiences as your persona speaks and understands 20+ languages

Based on Telegram

Currently based on Telegram, with more than 700 million users. No friction with new apps.

How it works

Upload your Chats, Description and Voice ⬆️

Customize your AI clone with unique traits, a personalized image, your voice, and train it using your chat history to closely mimic your style.

We deploy your Clone as a Telegram Bot 🤖

Once perfected, your AI clone will take form as a Telegram bot, ready to engage with users anytime, anywhere. Promote your clone by sharing its link with your friends and followers.

Share and Monetize your Clone 🎁

Choose the number of free messages and set the extra messages price. You'll get 70% of the messages fee from users of your clone.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Experience the simplicity of our straightforward pricing model. We believe in transparent costs without any surprises.

Lifetime membership

Unlock a world of possibilities. Get lifetime access to your Clone and enjoy continuous updates and enhancements.

What's included

  • Custom Telegram Bot
  • Text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Monetization

Launching Price Offer 🚀


You get 70% of the revenue generated by your clone each month.

SecondSoul's AI clone lets me engage with my audience around the clock, enhancing my connection with followers in a way I never thought possible.

Content Creator

Earnings Calculator

Discover your earning potential with SecondSoul's Earnings Calculator. Simply enter your followers count and pricing for 100 messages to see an instant estimate of your revenue share.

Your estimated earnings


This is just an estimate based on a 0.05% conversion rate. Your actual earnings may vary.

Frequently asked questions

Is it really like interacting with the real creator?
SecondSoul utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide an immersive experience with AI versions of popular creators/models.
Can AI truly provide companionship?
SecondSoul's advanced conversational AI ensures a realistic and engaging companionship experience.
What's the advantage for the creator?
The creator can enhance user experience and earn money through our subscriptions fee model, while differentiating their profile by offering new services.
Who can join the platform?
Anyone can join the platform as a creator. We are looking for creators with a large audience, but also for creators with a small audience that want to differentiate their profile.
Are NSFW (Not Safe for Work) contents allowed?
Yes, NSFW content is allowed on our platform. Users are responsible for the content they post and must ensure it adheres to our community standards and legal requirements.
What the difference between AI companion and AI clone?
AI clone is a digital copy of yourself and AI companion is a custom virtual person which is created for specific needs.

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Create your Clone today!

Upload your chats, description and voice samples and we will create your AI clone for you as a Telegram bot. No coding required.